RCP (Rotary Compaction Pile)

A method of densifying the ground by mincing a sand stake with a diameter of about 60 to 80 cm with casing pressure (7 t/㎡) energy.

Penetration with the same equipment as Sand Drain. Repeat the human foot to form a sand post

Used as a method of increasing ground stability and decreasing subsidence by sand piles

Use a cladstone lamp instead of sand with good water permeability as a drainage agent.

Lead-In Type PBD

Sand Drain, Pack Drain construction and principles are the same

The compression time required for ground improvement is determined by the spacing of the drain material

Construction speed is fast and the drain section is constant for the depth direction 

Casting equipment can also be constructed on ultra soft ground with light weight

Air Hammer Driller

Construction method for drilling multiple perforated tools in a hydraulic-operated device according to the material of the soft ground complex layer

Coupled with a chain that rotates the top and bottom pulley of the reader, the speed of movement of the perforated sphere, and the application of the pressurization force in the vertical direction other than the direction of movement

Replacement of T4, auger, breaker, vibro hammer, and air drilling device on a single piece of equipment 

Pressure sensors, depth sensors, and inclination sensors are attached to the perforation chamber to control the detection of ground materials, the depth of perforation, and the verticality of perforation

DCM (Deep Cement Mixing)

Construction method is applied variously for the purpose of water-based stabilization by injecting cement and water-based stabilization materials into low pressure, stirring and hardening of soft soil and stabilization materials using cement curing reaction in the original ground

It can be constructed from 2.0 to 34.0 (50m when connecting ROD) with less noise and vibration during construction and less disturbance in the surrounding ground

Marine PVD

Construction of PVDs within tolerance according to site specifications.

Offshore PVDs apply construction after Sandblanket installation The top of the completed PVD is not less than 200 mm above the minimum sandblanket. 

The end of construction management criteria shall be at least 165 bar at the design depth, and if 165 bar or less, continue penetration and construction until 165 bar is met.

Where the design depth is not reached by the normal construction method due to obstacles or other reasons, report it to the original contractor to determine the completion of construction or re-construction.

Aggregate Spreader

Construction method of surface-based reinforcement that is free to control the direction of the laying, angle of laying, amount of laying, and distance of laying using specially manufactured laying device with minimal ground pressure

Lengthening distance (15 to 40 meters)

Large area evenly distributed

Operate unmanned systems to ensure safety

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